(1) Existing B2B users - To Log into NHG ROAM If you have an existing B2B account, you can use the same User ID and password to log into NHG ROAM. There is no need to re-create another account for ROAM. For the Domain selection, please select the following:

Domain B2B Login Account Type
  • Staff WITH NHG Active Directory Login ("right side")
  • Not Applicable
  • Staff WITHOUT NHG Active Directory Login ("middle")
  • Others ("left side)

  • If you have forgotten your login password, please contact 1800-ITD HELP (1800 483 4357).

    (2) Users belong to the "Not Applicable" Domain If your B2B account password is less than 8 characters in length, you will be required to reset your password before you can log into NHG ROAM.

    Step 1: Click on "Forgot Password?" found in the login page
    Step 2: Key in your existing user id and click "Submit" button
    Step 3: Login to the email you have provided in our old system to retrieve the new password
    Step 4: Login to ROAM and change the password (minimum 8 character length) under "Profile"

    (3) Reporting problems encountered in NHG ROAM If you have encounter problems in NHG ROAM, here are the ways you can report the problem to us. Please include as much information about the circumstances leading up to the problem. We will do our best to respond within 2 working days.

  • Email: researchonline@nhg.com.sg (recommended)
  • Tel: 6496 6979 (Office Hours only, Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm)
  • Tel: 1800-ITD HELP (1800 483 4357) (After Office hours)
  • (4) ROAM Guidebooks ROAM Guidebooks are available for download here. We recommend that users download and read them before using the system.

    Click here to continue logging onto NHG ROAM