Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

Office of Research Support (ORS)

The Office of Research Support (ORS) established under NHG Group Research, is the strategic arm of NHG research. It plays a vital role in implementing NHG research strategies under the guidance of the NHG Research Committee (RC), supports research manpower development and training and facilitates collaborations between our institutions and various partners.

ORS provides a complete suite of research support services through the following 5 sub-divisions:


a)    Research Manpower Development

b)    Finance & Grant Management

c)    Research Informatics

d)    Collaboration & Partnership

e)    Project Management

a) Research Manpower Development

This unit is responsible for developing research career programs for doctors and non-doctors in NHG.  The unit also offers a comprehensive range of training courses primarily catered for clinical researchers and research support staff so as to groom and develop the NHG research manpower. It seeks to provide high quality training and education to empower the research community to perform proper and responsible research.

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b) Finance & Grant Management

This unit manages finance matters within NHG Group Research as well as post award financial matters for various intramural grants and programmes.

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c) Research Informatics

This unit provides information technology support to the Research Online Administration & Management (ROAM) - online ethics application and review system. It is also involved in the setup of the NHG Research Database for the cluster.

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d) Translational Research Office (TRO)

The Translational Research Office (TRO) evolved from the former Collaboration and Partnership (C&P) Unit. TRO facilitates and supports translational research activities between NHG institutions and partners.

The main functions of the TRO are as follows.

(a) Facilitate and support strategic translational research initiatives between NHG institutions and partners, including LKCMedicine

TRO works with NHG institutions and key partners such as LKCMedicine to facilitate the establishment of key joint research initiatives. Some examples of the on-going joint initiatives include:

  • the Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS);
  • the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS);
  • the Health for Life in Singapore (HELIOS) Study and the Early Disease Cohort (EDC) Studies in conjunction with HELIOS;
  • the gAmes for heaLth InnoVations cEntre (ALIVE);
  • the Centre for Primary Health Care Research and Innovation (CPHCRI); and
  • the Brain Bank Singapore (BBS).

(b) Drafting, review and negotiation of research-related agreements and innovation-related agreements for NHG institutions

TRO supports the drafting, review and negotiation of research-related agreements as well as innovation-related agreements in close collaboration with the research offices of NHG institutions and legal. The latter is in support of CMTi Office in facilitating MedTech co-development projects. Guided by boilerplates developed in consultation with legal, TRO helps NHG institutions in crafting agreements that address the needs of each project and take into account considerations faced by institutions and project teams. TRO also supports negotiation of agreements, in order to protect the interests of NHG institutions and NHG as a whole.

(c) Administration and management of research grants

As part of TRO’s facilitation and support for joint translational research initiatives between NHG and partners, TRO supports the administration and management of research grants for and on behalf of the joint initiatives. This support is particularly important during the initial formation period of the joint initiatives when the infrastructure is yet to be established. TRO also helps to manage the internal review and shortlisting for external grants where required. TRO also supports CMTi on its internal MedTech grant.

(d) Matching of internal and external capabilities in alignment with strategic translational research focus areas of NHG

TRO matches research interest from NHG institutions with complementary external capabilities in order to grow translational research activities at NHG institutions.

(e) Establishing and implementing relevant policies and guidelines to support translational research

From time to time, TRO establishes relevant policies and guidelines to support translational research activities at NHG. TRO also seeks to align pertinent arrangements across NHG institutions, in order to streamline collaboration process. 

(f) Supporting the Joint Working Committee for Thematic Partnership and Initiatives (JWC) between NHG and LKCMedicine

The JWC was set up to facilitate and coordinate joint initiatives between NHG and LKCMedicine, as part of efforts to enhance collaboration and partnership between both organisations. The Admin Director of TRO acts as the co-chair to the JWC, along with the Director of Research Administration and Support Services of LKCMedicine. The JWC reports to the Co-Chairmen of the NHG-LKCMedicine Joint Strategic and Implementation Committee for Research and Education (JSIC) and work closely with the key representatives of the joint initiatives between NHG and LKCMedicine. TRO through JWC develops and implements harmonised joint processes (e.g. joint grant processes) and oversee the management of all pre- and post-joint grant activities of joint initiatives between NHG and LKCMedicine.
(g) Develop and implement strategy and roadmap for translational research at NHG

TRO develops and implements short- and long-term strategic research initiatives roadmap for NHG in consultation with the NHG senior management, including the initial funding of the initiatives. TRO provides periodic updates on the NHG translational research activities and outcomes to the NHG senior management.

(h) Tracking of outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs)

TRO tracks and report the activities and outcomes of translational research at NHG to the senior management as well as relevant agencies from time to time. TRO maintains a record of joint initiatives, agreements, funding outcomes and other related research activities at NHG.

For further details on the above, please contact:     

Name Designation Contact Number Email Address
Mr Louis Ang Director 6496 6119
Ms Heiny Tan Assistant Director 6340 2407
Ms Wong Mee Kim Manager 6496 6042
Mr Gilson Chen Senior Executive 6496 6249
Ms Evangeline Ng Senior Executive 6496 6984
Ms Ayla Tan Executive 6340 2411


e) Project Management

This unit provides support in research affairs and project management through the provision of account managers, to facilitate research in all aspects. The unit is also responsible for working together with NHG institutions for collation and reporting of NHG Research outcomes to NHG Management.