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NHG Research Database Platform (REDCap)


REDCap is an easy-to-use web application designed to support electronic data capture for research studies. REDCap was developed by staff at Vanderbilt University in 2004 in order to help researchers manage data for small/medium sized projects in a systematic manner.

REDCap is intended to be a primarily "Self-Service" tool where researchers can develop and deploy a REDCap Project with minimal IT Support. Users are expected to learn to use REDCap via the Tutorial videos, a built-in frequently asked questions knowledge bank, and embedded documentation. These guides all work together to guide the researcher in the learning and use of the system.

Researchers can quickly create web-based databases and data capture forms with special features like real-time data entry validation and easily export the collected data for analysis, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

The REDCap Consortium is composed of 1,920 active institutional partners in 103 countries who utilize and support REDCap in various ways. The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a member of the REDCap consortium.

Click here to learn more about REDCap and its various features. (Internet access required)

This installation of the REDCap system was started in 2016 and is hosted by NHG, and it is jointly administered and maintained by the NHG Research & Development Office's Informatics Unit and  Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd (IHiS).


  NHG REDCap Introductory Roadshow Presentation slides
If your Department would like us to conduct a Presentation on REDCap and how it can benefit your research activities, please contact us at

  NHG REDCap - Frequently Asked Questions



  NHG REDCap (Staging Server) Login
The REDCap Staging Server is intended for testing and learning purposes ONLY.  Users CANNOT to use the REDCap Staging Server to collect or store any actual data. All detected Non-Compliance will be reported to the Cluster Research Committee. All Data on the Staging Server will be deleted periodically without notice.


  NHG REDCap Production Server Login 

The REDCap Production Server is the regulated REDCap environment in which approved Research activities are to be carried out in strict accordance to the requirements by the NHG Domain Specific Review Boards (DSRB), Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and any other applicable regulations where applicable to protect the Study Participants’ privacy and confidentiality. Access to any particular REDCap Project can only be assigned by the respective Project Owners (ie: Overall Study PI).

Note: Access to the NHG REDCap system is restricted to Authorized Users via the NHG Intranet only. All activities are logged.
The privacy of all REDCap Users is important to us. Please read our REDCap Personal Data Protection Policy, to understand how we handle your personal data.




  • The NHG REDCap System Usage Agreement must be read, and accepted by all users of the NHG REDCap System (‘REDCap Users’).
  • By using the NHG REDCap system, the REDCap Users agree to abide by the provisions of the NHG REDCap System Usage Agreement.       
  • REDCap Users understand that violating the provisions of this Agreement may constitute grounds for disciplinary actions as determined by applicable research regulations and NHG’s Policies and Procedures.


  NHG REDCap System Usage Agreement (Version 1)  

It is important that all users read and understand this Agreement before using the REDCap system.


  NHG REDCap Project Request Form (Version 4) 

Use this Form to apply for a new REDCap Project for your research activity (which have DSRB Ethics Approval).



Due to updated IT security and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) requirements, all Project Owners will now be required to have an activated REDCap (Production Server) User Account BEFORE any REDCap Project Request can be processed.

To avoid any unnecessary delays, we would advise all potential REDCap Project Owners, as well as Project Administrators, to submit their online REDCap User Account Request (NHG Intranet access required) for the REDCap Production Server and activate their Account BEFORE submitting any Project Requests.



   NHG REDCap Online User-Account Request (NHG Intranet access required) 

Use this online form to submit requests for individual REDCap accounts on the REDCap Staging and/or Production servers. All Applicants must be a NHG Staff member holding a valid Active Directory (ADID) account and a personal NHG email address, and personally submit the request.


  NHG REDCap User Account Creation Guide (Version 1.1)      
This is a Step-by-Step guide for NHG Users to create and activate their NHG REDCap User Account(s). It also explains who are eligible to use the NHG REDCap System, and provides an overview of NHG REDCap User Account creation process.



  NHG REDCap - User Account Creation Guide 
This is a Step-by-Step guide for NHG Users to create and activate their NHG REDCap User Account(s). It also explains who are eligible to use the NHG REDCap System, and provides an overview of NHG REDCap User Account creation process.


  NHG REDCap - Managing Users and User Rights in a REDCap Project  

This is a quick guide to managing User Rights in a REDCap Project, and has been adapted for the National Healthcare Group (NHG).



If you are new to REDCap, we highly recommend that you take some time to watch these videos below. The videos will help you to get started on the basics of  the REDCap system and provide a general overview for some of REDCap’s preliminary concepts and features.

New versions of REDCap are released frequently, so the videos and other training resources below may reflect earlier software versions and thus may look slightly different than your system. Always refer to the REDCap software's built-in prompts and instructional text for the most current information.

Do note that any references to policies and regulatory requirements in these videos are NOT APPLICABLE
to NHG's REDCap Users. Instead, NHG RECap users should refer to NHG's REDCap Policies for more information.



Official REDCap Training Videos
The Official REDCap Training Videos are split up into small videos which range from 5 to 15 minutes on various topics for easy viewing. This is the quickest way to learn the basics of using REDCap. We recommend that you watch the videos in sequence to built up your understanding of REDCap. 

University of Colorado's REDCap Tutorial Videos (YouTube Playlist)
This series of ten narrated-PowerPoint slide videos are produced by the University of Colorado. These short videos give a succinct introduction to REDCap.


Institute of Translational Health Sciences REDCap Lecture series
This series of lecture-style videos listed below produced by the Institute of Translational Health Sciences, University of Washington take a detailed look at REDCap and its various functionalities. These are recommended for users who want to gain a further in-depth look at REDCap.       

* REDCap Training Lectures by Bas de Veer, MS, Research Consultant. ITHS, University of Washington.




For information and queries about the NHG Research Database Platform (REDCap), please contact us at

If you have encounter any technical difficulties with REDCap, please email us with your:       

  • REDCap username (ie: ADID username),
  • Project Title, and
  • a description of the problem together with screen-capture where possible.

Please provide as much information as possible about the problem so that we can efficiently pin-point and troubleshoot the problem for you.