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NHG - Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Training - Available on eLEARN

The NHG - Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Training was jointly organised by NHG Johns Hopkins Singapore Institute (NHG-JHSI) and Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHMI), USA and supported by NHG Group Research.

The training was conducted over a 4 week period from 14 March 22 to 07 April 22 and is targeted at researchers such as Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Administrators etc.

The training programme includes:

  • 8 sessions for Principal Investigator (PI) Track: 2 Hours Per Session (Total 16 Hours)
  • 8 sessions for Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Track: 2 Hours Per session (Total 16 Hours)

The recorded virtual lectures and presentation slides of this training are now available on NHG eLEARN platform accessible to NHG staff only until 30 June 2023

  • No registration FEE is required. 
  • To register, please log in to NHG eLEARN Marketplace and search for the training course title: 'NHG-Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Training'

IMPT NOTE: An internet-enabled device is required to access the Zoom lecture recordings.