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NHG Research & Innovation Awards 2022

Research and Innovation are key enablers in the transformation of Singapore's healthcare. The NHG Research & Innovation Awards 2022 aims to recognise individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to improve health outcomes or delivery, as well as to promote the spirit for continuous research and innovation in NHG.
The 5 categories are:
  1. NHG Research Impact Award
  2. NHG Research Mentor of the Year Award
  3. NHG Healthcare Innovation Award 
  4. NHG Innovator of the Year Award 
  5. NHG-LKCMedicine Clinician/Clinical Scientist Award
Nominations are open to all institutions and national centres under the National Healthcare Group and NTU-LKCMedicine faculty (for item 5).
Please click on the above individual award to download the nomination forms.
For more information and details on the awards, you may refer to the FAQs.
Details on Awards
The maximum number of awards and award value are listed as below.

Nomination Period
The nomination period is from 16th June 2022 to 15th July 2022.
All nominations are to be submitted directly to NHG Group Research by the end of the nomination period.
Nomination & Selection Process
Please refer to flow chart below for an overview on the nomination and selection process.
Contact Details for Awards Secretariat

For more information, please contact:

Ms Maryani Yann Wong | 6496 6018 |
Ms Khairiyana | 6496 6989 |