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Clinical Research Coordinator Society


In line with the NHG's mission in fostering a conducive environment for continuing education in research, the NHG Research & Development Office (RDO) is committed to oversee the planning and implementation of relevant training programmes to promote high quality research.

As highlighted in the White Paper approved by the Research Policy and Review Committee (RPRC) in February 2006, Clinical Research Coordinators are a crucial resource for the conduct of clinical trials. Clinical Research Coordinators augment the potential and ability of investigators to conduct successful and well-managed clinical trials. It is very important to have a concerted effort to train them to ensure proper conduct of research at the study site.

In order to address this need to identify and train the Clinical Research Coordinators in NHG, RDO has set up the Clinical Research Coordinator Society (CRCS). The primary objective of this group will be to help Clinical Research Coordinators achieve minimum training standards and to provide them a platform to share learning experiences.

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide a platform for the Clinical Research Coordinators to discuss research related issues and to share experiences.
  2. To determine minimum training standards for Study Coordinators for working with human subjects research in NHG.
  3. To provide opportunities for achieving the minimum training standards by organizing training programmes by providing certification courses.
  4. To develop a career track for the Study Coordinators in NHG in the long term.

Goals of the Clinical Research Coordinator Society

Short Term
The initial short term goal of the faculty is to focus on the training of the Clinical Research Coordinators to prepare for the accreditation of AAHRPP. RDO staff will work with Clinical Research Coordinators to increase awareness about AAHRPP accreditation: what accreditation means to them and how they can help meet requirements. Specifically, the Clinical Research Coordinators will be informed about the NHG Proper Conduct of Research SOPs and the necessity to be in compliance with these SOPs during day to day conduct of research.

Medium Term
The medium term goal for the faculty would be to set minimum training standards for the group. RDO will help collate a list of all Clinical Research Coordinators and their current training status. The CRCS Faculty will work on setting minimum training requirements for Clinical Research Coordinators at NHG.

Long Term
The long term goal for the faculty would be to work on a career track for Clinical Research Coordinators within. This would help to harmonize the title, salary package, etc. of individuals employed as research support staff. Clinical Research Coordinators at each institution, perhaps do not reach the critical mass needed to have a career path, however if NHG institutions were put together, they will reach the critical mass required to have a career path chartered for research support staff with plenty of opportunities for vertical and diagonal movement.

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