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DSRB-050922: ROAM Enhancement for Minimum Training Status

ROAM end-users will now be able to upload multiple documents under the Researcher Minimum Training Status of the ROAM profile. 
Training Categories are newly added under this enhancement, and each upload will be tagged to a specific Training Category. The training categories are:
  • Biomedical CITI
  • Social, Behavioural and Educational (SBE) CITI
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) CITI
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • FCOI Declaration
Upon successful review of documents uploaded under any training category, the training completion status of different requirements will be reflected in Section B1(iii) / Section B2 of the application form.
Current users will have their CITI Biomedical completion status and existing document ported over following this new enhancement. To ensure the completion status under other Training Category are updated, it is recommended that ROAM end-users upload the relevant completion report(s) / certificate(s) to your ROAM profile, as individual documents. Please note that consolidated documents in zipped files will not be accepted. 
This will take effect from 02 September 2022. For more information, you may refer to the guidance document available here.
For enquiries, please write to 
You may refer to for more information on training requirements.


Note: The new minimum training interface will be displayed only for new studies drafted after 02 Sep. For existing studies, the roam user will need to be re-added to the study team member section for the new interface, with the different training categories, to be displayed.