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ECOS Launch Support for NHG

What is ECOS?

The Ethics and Compliance Online System (ECOS) is the new ethics review infrastructure that is co-developed by NHG and SingHealth. The ECOS system will replace the current NHG ROAM system in mid 2024.

The ECOS system is intended to support research enterprise functions across the research lifecycle from Study Initiation to Completion, allowing IRBs, institutions, and researchers to have a one stop oversight of research related activities.

As part of NHG’s preparations to ensure a smooth transition from the current ROAM System over to the succeeding ECOS system, we have created a new information website to act as a central reference and information portal.

All posted announcements, news and guides related to the ECOS system and the decommissioning of the NHG ROAM System will be made available here on this portal.

ECOS Launch Support Site for NHG: (Both NHG-Intranet & Internet accessible)