Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

Research Policies That You Must Know

Prior to starting your research, we urge that you familiarise yourself with the following policies/guidelines:

A. NHG Investigator’s Manual

To ensure that our growing pool of PIs understand research ethics meaningfully, the Investigator’s Manual is a handy reference tool catering to both new and experienced investigators alike. This publication amalgamated the regulatory requirements, NHG DSRB research policies and institutional policies governing research conduct, allowing PIs to adeptly navigate the formidable convolutions of the research maze. The Investigator’s Manual is both practical and useful and you will actively use it to improve the ethical standards of your research.

 Click here for the NHG Investigator’s Manual


B. NHG Proper Conduct of Research (PCR) SOPs and Templates

The NHG PCR SOPs and templates are developed by NHG Group Research to provide detailed procedures on conducting research in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations.


These are some examples of the list of NHG PCR SOPs:

  • NHG PCR SOP 501-A02: Responsibilities of the Research Team
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-A03: Training and Education
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-B02: Pre-Study Activities
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-B03: Study Initiation
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-C01: Informed Consent Form and Process
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-C02:  Subject Recruitment and Screening
  • NHG PCR SOP 501-C05: Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects and Others and Expected Serious Adverse Event

See here for the entire list of NHG PCR SOPs and templates.


C. Other suggested readings/References: