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NHG Clinical Innovations

Innovation has been identified as the primary driver for economic and healthcare transformation. In Singapore, several initiatives have been spun out to nest the innovative culture in this small nation. In response to this growing trend, healthcare communities are building up their capabilities and putting in resources to inculcate the innovative culture within their communities to drive ideas/solutions to meet clinical needs. It is thus in NHG’s interest to establish her own innovation engine and capability in MedTech.

With the signing of an MOU with SPRING Singapore to establish a Co innovation Programme Office (CPO) in June 2012, the TTSH Clinical Innovation Committee, supported by a two-member team, was established in TTSH with dual mandates of (a) facilitating the development of clinical needs and ideas into relevant products and solutions, and (b) testing and adopting innovative technology and products to improve healthcare delivery.

With the success of the CPO initiative, in July 2015, NHG set up the NHG Clinical Innovation leveraging on the TTSH Clinical Innovation engine and processes to expand the scope of innovation to wider audience which includes all NHG institutions and business entities. Further, the partnership between TTSH and SPRING has also been extended to the cluster level.

NHG Collaboration & Partnership Unit (C&P), also serving as the Secretariat for the NHG Clinical Innovation Committee, has developed a guide which serves as a general reference for innovators and relevant internal stakeholders to provide an overview of the engagement process with external partners during their innovation journey, which can either be private or public entities. This guide also provides information on the commonly negotiated collaboration terms to help in the exploratory discussion with the potential collaborator(s).  For more details, download and read the 'NHG Collaboration & Partnership Guide' here* (Intranet access only).

The NHG Clinical Innovation Committee is chaired by A/Prof Thomas Lew, CMB TTSH and co-chaired (Admin) by Dr Christina Tiong, Admin Director of CRIO TTSH, with NHG Group Research Collaboration and Partnership as the secretariat. The members of the committee can be found here.

Seeking industry/academic partners

NHG Clinical Innovation is constantly looking out for partnerships with industry or academia to co-develop solutions for clinical needs. We have identified a few clinical needs as follows in seeking out collaborations. These clinical needs can be found here.

For more information or enquiries, kindly contact Mr Louis Ang, Deputy Director, Collaboration and Partnership Unit (C&P), NHG Group Research at





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