Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

Useful Materials


Research Participant Brochures

For an overview on clinical research, clinical research participation and useful contact information, please download the Research Participant Brochure here in English or Chinese versions.



Tissue Donor’s Brochure
Human tissue refers to human biological material such as blood, organs or parts of organs. They are sometimes used for research purposes. The Tissue Donor’s Brochure answers the commonly asked questions on donating human tissue for research.


Information Sheet on the Management of Incidental Findings
Incidental finding is a finding that has potential health or reproductive importance to the individual research subject and is discovered in the course of conducting research but is unrelated to the purposes, objectives or variables of the research studies. Please download the resources below for an overview of how incidental findings are managed.

For Research Participants, the Information Sheet is available here.
For Tissue Donors, the Information Sheet is available here.



Tried & Tested (Feature Article in Lifewise Magazine)

Lifewise speaks to Dr Goh Boon Cher (Senior Consultant, Haematology-Oncology, National University Hospital), and Dr Allan Harkness (Dean of the Asia Graduate School of Theology) and a lay member of three Singapore medical/research ethics committees in Singapore to find out more of clinical research. Click here to download