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The ECOS FAQ Document will be periodically updated with latest information as they become available. We recommend that you check back here regularly to obtain the latest version available.

You may download the latest ECOS FAQ Document for answers to the questions listed below.

•  ECOS FAQ Document Version # 5 (Updated as of 29 Jan 2024)  

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Qn 1: When is the Deadline for Researchers to submit their IRB Applications to DSRB for review & approval?

Qn 2: Is there a Deadline to submit Study Renewals to DSRB?

Qn 3: Is there a Deadline to submit Safety Events (NCR, UPIRTSO, Expected SAE) to DSRB?

Qn 4: Will I still have access to ROAM after the submission cut-off dates?

Qn 5: Am I required to submit my CY2024 Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Declaration?  

Qn 6: Is there a Deadline to submit Standing Database Applications (SDB)?  

Qn 7: If I have an (a) international sponsor / funded / awarded study, (b) local funded / awarded study that are tied to business or whole of government strategies (c) hit or miss rare disease study proposals (d) pandemic / endemic studies (e) other funded and time sensitive studies, will I be able to submit them to DSRB after the submission cut-off date?  


Qn 1: Will all my approved DSRB studies be migrated to ECOS?

Qn 2: Will Expired Studies be migrated to ECOS?

Qn 3: Will my existing ROAM User Account be automatically migrated over to the ECOS system?


Qn 1: What is the Minimum Training Certifications that I need to upload on ROAM to ensure it is migrated to ECOS? 

Qn 2: What happens if I do not upload my Minimum Training Certificate on ROAM before 1 March 2024?  

Qn 3: My Research Institution requires that I complete HBRA minimum training.  Do I need to upload my HBRA minimum training certificate on ROAM?  



ECOS FAQs for NHG:  (Both NHG-Intranet & Internet accessible)