Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

2013 Research Initiatives

As part of NHG research manpower development, NHG Group Research and LKCMedicine NTU jointly developed and launched the NTU-NHG Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF) scheme in 2013. The CSF would help to nurture and develop clinician scientists in NHG through the provision of an integrated pathway, from clinical residency to PhD training, postdoctoral experience and subsequently potential appointment as a faculty at LKCMedicine, NTU and NHG.


The establishment of Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS) by A*STAR, NSC and NTU in the same year was an example of fostering research collaborations at an institutional level. The SRIS would help to shape skin research in Singapore and at the same time, strengthen dermatology research in NHG. The A*STAR-NHG-NTU Skin Research Grant was launched shortly to provide funding opportunities for researchers collaborating in skin research, with a total of 13 successful projects awarded.


As a continuous support for collaborative research, the NTU-NHG Ageing Research Grant was also jointly launched by NTU and NHG, with 7 successful projects awarded. The grant was initiated in response to Singapore’s ageing population and to develop new knowledge/outcomes that would have an impact on the delivery of care.


A joint innovation laboratory named Advanced Vision and Technology Alliance (AVATA) was established between A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) and the National Healthcare Group Eye Institute (NHGEI) in October 2013, with the aim to conduct multi-disciplinary research towards the development of technology for improving vision care. AVATA would focus on vision-related technology in three main areas: visual acuity assessment, augmented reality laser surgery and eye disease detection.


As part of public outreach, NHG Group Research also organised the Public Forum 2013 to educate the community about research. Experienced research ethics experts and subject advocates were invited to share with the public on how to make an informed decision before engaging in research activities.