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A*STAR-NHG-NTU Skin Research Grant (SRG)




The A*STAR-NHG-NTU Skin Research Grant (SRG) is a joint grant call launched by A*STAR, NHG and NTU. Its primary objective is to promote a collaborative research environment within which, shared technological research and ideas in the understanding of skin biology as well as solutions to skin diseases/conditions can thrive.


Apart from research targeting the science of clinical skin disease/conditions, the grant also serves to explore the impact and burden of these diseases/conditions affecting the local and/or Asian population.


Through this grant, new knowledge and outcomes that lead to improved diagnosis and management of skin diseases/conditions can be generated, which will pave the way for enhanced skin health in the local and/or Asian population in the near future.





Each application must be submitted by a Clinical Lead Principal Investigator (PI) from NHG/NTU and a non-Clinical Lead PI from A*STAR/NTU. Other research team members can include co-investigators/collaborators from local/overseas institutions or private companies. The eligibility criteria for Clinical Lead PI and non-Clinical Lead PI are as follows:


A non-Clinical Lead PI from A*STAR must be A*STAR independent investigators equivalent (BMRC and SERC). All other A*STAR researchers may be part of the research team as a co-investigator or collaborator.


A Clinical Lead PI from NHG may be doctors, nurses or allied health professionals from NHG institutions (NHG HQ, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Institute of Mental Health, National Skin Centre, NHG Polyclinics).


A Clinical or non-Clinical Lead PI from NTU must be full-time faculty; Visiting Professors and Adjunct Professors will not be eligible. Teaching Fellows at NTU are eligible provided their appointment covers the period of the proposed research project. NTU faculty staff who are medically-trained (i.e. with MD/MBBS/BDS) but not registered with the Singapore Medical Council can still qualify as Clinical Lead PIs provided that their projects are pre-clinical in nature.


In addition, the Clinical and non-Clinical Lead PI of each application, as well as all the accompanying Co-Investigators and Collaborators, should not be from the same institution.



1st SRG:


Level 1
The maximum amount of funding to be awarded for each successful application is up to S$100,000 over 1 year.


Level 2

The maximum amount of funding to be awarded for each successful application is up to S$500,000 over 3 years.

2nd SRG: The maximum amount of funding to be awarded for each successful application is S$250,000 for up to 2 years.




1st SRG application exercise opened in the fourth quarter of the calendar year in 2013 for about 1 month. 2nd SRG application exercise opened in the third quarter of the calendar year in 2015 for about 2 months.




Please click below for the past 2 SRG results:


1st SRG Level 1 Awardees
1st SRG Level 2 Awardees

2nd SRG Awardees





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