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1. Intellectual Property Seminar


Ever wondered how the whole Intellectual Property (IP) system can benefit you? Apart from introducing the various concepts of IP, this seminar will also take an in-depth look into patents, commercialization and how it all fits in with your work in research and development. Major points from the things to look out for when conceptualizing your research all the way to IP strategizing, filing and being awarded the patent will be touched on. This course is suitable for those who are interested in and would like to learn more about the IP and commercialization process.


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2. Project Management for Clinical Research Professionals Workshop



This workshop provides an overview of project management and offers practical tools and techniques that are applicable to the research teams. Tailored to clinical trials, learn about project lifecycle and key knowledge areas of project management including scope, time and risk management. With the increasing globalization and complexity of clinical trials, it is important that researchers and the supporting team are well-equipped, and at minimum, aware of the necessary tools to manage trial sites and manage projects on time and within budget.
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3. Forums


To support information sharing, exchanging of ideas and networking among Clinical Research Professionals, Research & Development Office (RDO) also organises regular forums and discussion platforms. Through these forums and training updates, RDO aims to create a platform for research professionals in the community to share experiences and create awareness of important developments in both clinical and translational research. This includes the NHG Clinical Research Coordinator Society (CRCS) Forums.
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4. NHG-NTU/LKCMedicine Research Seminar


The National Healthcare Group (NHG) and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) jointly organise a series of bimonthly Thematic Research Seminars - The NHG-NTU/LKCMedicine Research Seminars. At these seminars, we hope to demonstrate the relevance and potential integration of basic and translational scientific research by both institutions into the clinical settings and introduce the new medical school to the healthcare and scientific community in Singapore through presentation by Clinician-Scientists of NHG and the Faculty Members of LKCMedicine. The themes featured in this series are –Metabolic and Vascular Diseases, Infection and Immunity, Population Health, Neuroscience and Mental Health and Dermatology and Skin Biology and Rehabilitative & Regenerative Medicine.
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5. MedTech Workshop

Straddling the fields of conventional healthcare and engineering, Medtech innovations demand one to be critical in assessing needs, skilled in engaging the right selection of multi-disciplinary partners and ability to make collaborations work. 
Apart from introducing the local and international MedTech landscape, this workshop will provide a hands-on experience in navigating through the innovation lifecycle, from needs finding to commercialisation. Participants would also hear fellow NHG clinicians who are currently at the forefronts of innovations share about their experience and tips on how to obtain necessary resources in the cluster. This course is tailored for NHG clinicians and staff who are keen on translating innovative ideas into implementable solutions.
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