Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

Introduction - NHG Research Quality Management Programme

The NHG Research Quality Management (RQM) Programme aims to promote proper conduct of research and a research culture that operates on high ethical standards.  The NHG RQM programme works hand in hand with the NHG Domain Specific Review Board (DSRB) to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, local and international guidelines.


The NHG RQM Programme was established under the Office of Human Research Protection Programme (OHRPP). The NHG RQM will report to the NHG Research Ethics Committee but will remain independent of the NHG DSRB. 


The Programme applies to all research studies conducted in NHG and its partner institutions, which are approved by the NHG DSRB or external IRB(s) with collaborative agreements with NHG.


The NHG RQM Programme is governed by the ethical principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report. The standards which research should comply with are:


  • International Conference on Harmonisation - Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (ICH –GCP)
  • Health Products Act
  • Medicines Act 
  • Human Biomedical Research Act
  • NHG Proper Conduct of Research Standard Operating Procedures
  • Singapore Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC) Guidelines
  • Any other applicable regulations and guidelines.

For more information on the NHG Research Quality Management Programme, you may contact:

NHG Group Research Office