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About OHRPP Post-Its

OHRPP Post-Its is a quarterly newsletter by the Office of Human Research Protection Programme, NHG Group Research. It serves to provide the research community with the latest news and update on research policies, SOPs, training events, educational resources and research tools from OHRPP to facilitate research conduct operating on high ethical standards.

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Issue 25 (Jul 2022) - For NHG

Issue 25 (Jul 2022) - For Non-NHG




Issue 24 (Apr 2022) – For NHG 

Issue 24 (Apr 2022) – For Non-NHG

Issue 23 (Nov 2021) – For NHG 

Issue 23 (Nov 2021) – For Non-NHG

Issue 22 (Oct 2021) – For NHG and Non-NHG

Issue 21 (Jun 2021) – For NHG

Issue 21 (Jun 2021) – For Non-NHG

Issue 20 (Mar 2021) – For NHG
Issue 20 (Mar 2021) – For Non-NHG
Issue 19 (Oct 2020) – For NHG
Issue 19 (Oct 2020) – For Non-NHG


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