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Introduction to NHG Research Online Administrator and Management (ROAM) system


1. What is the NHG Research Online Administrator and Management (ROAM)?


The NHG Research Online Administrator Management (ROAM) is an Internet-based system for the submissions of all research applications for Ethics review and approval to the NHG Domain Specific Review Board (DSRB).

The ROAM portal may be accessed via the NHG Research website at


2. ROAM System Technical Support

We recommend that Users access the ROAM system using the web browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

ROAM System User Login issues

If you have problems logging into the ROAM system, you may wish to refer to the Help pages here first.



Learning to use the ROAM System

We strongly recommend to new users that they read the following guides before attempting any new applications in the ROAM system, as the learning curve to use the system is quite steep, to prevent any problems/delays in their submissions.

  • DSRB: NHG Investigators' Manual
  • NHG ROAM: Researchers' Guidebook
  • NHG ROAM: Online DSRB Application Form Guidebook
  • NHG ROAM: Completing Section B (PI & Study Team) of the DSRB Application Form

These guidebooks and more are available here.



Help for Other ROAM-related Technical issues

If you encounter any technical difficulties with the ROAM system, please send an email to with:

  • your Full Name,
  • your NRIC/FIN
  • a brief description of the problem together with screen-capture where possible.
  • DSRB Study Reference number and Study Title where applicable.

By providing these information, you can help us to pin-point the potential issues and respond more efficiently.

You may also contact the ITD Helpdesk at 1800 483 4357 and provide the above information to be emailed to us.


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