Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

2012 Research Initiatives

Aligned with one of NHG’s key research strategy to develop research manpower, the NHG Group Research initiated research career development schemes for clinicians who would like to pursue research with the aim to become clinician scientists within the NHG cluster. The first call for the NHG Clinician Scientist Career Scheme (CSCS) (Junior and Mid) was launched in the same year with a total of 6 successful awardees.


To develop NHG’s key research focus areas, the NHG Thematic Grant (NTG) was also launched with 2 successful programmes being funded. The NTG would help build up NHG’s research programmatic areas as well as to develop the required research capabilities.


With an increasing trend of collaborations between NHG and external institutions, the Collaboration & Partnership (C&P) unit was set up within NHG Group Research. This has helped to establish a common framework for all NHG research initiatives across the NHG institutions and strengthen services provided to the NHG cluster such as technology transfer, intellectual property management and legal support for research agreements. Subsequently, the NTU-NHG Innovation Collaboration Grant (ICG) was jointly launched by NTU and NHG to foster greater collaborations between the two institutions.