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NHG-LKCMedicine Clinician-Scientist Fellowship (CSF)

Jointly developed in 2013 by National Healthcare Group (NHG) and Nanyang Technological University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (NTU/LKCMedicine), the NHG-LKCMedicine Clinician-Scientist Fellowship (CSF) aims to nurture and develop Clinician-Scientists with a formal research training programme leading to PhD.

Successful students will be offered admission into the LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme. For information on the programme, please visit the School’s webpage.

•    Salary support;
      - Research FTE will be provided by NHG and NTU/LKCMedicine for up to 3 years.
      - Clinical FTE will be provided by NHG Host Institution.
•    Sponsorship of tuition fees for up to 4 years through the NTU/LKCMedicine Research Scholarship;
•    Academic appointment opportunities with NTU/LKCMedicine upon successful completion of fellowship.

Applicants should be:

(a) Doctors (i.e. clinically qualified with MD/MBBS/BDS) with primary appointments at NHG institutions; or are enrolled in their final year of the NHG Residency Programme with indication of continuation in NHG; or
(b) Health science / healthcare professionals with non-medical degrees, such as nurses, pharmacists and other allied health professionals listed on MOH’s website in clinical practice, with primary appointments at NHG institutions and at least 3 years of clinical or relevant experience. Others may contact the CSF Secretariat for discussion on suitability of the programme.

Applicants should have at least an Upper Second, preferably First class honours degree in a relevant field. A master’s degree is not a pre-requisite but is considered advantageous.

All applicants should also fulfil the following criteria:
• Have at least 2 years of research experience and well-equipped with knowledge of the fundamentals of clinical research;
• Able to commit at least 0.5FTE to research during the course of study;
• Must apply for NMRC Research Training Fellowship (RTF); and
• Must fulfil LKCMedicine PhD admission requirements and NTU/LKCMedicine Research Scholarship eligibility criteria.

The applicant’s Department should be able to make provisions for the applicant’s research commitments during the CSF award period (if awarded), and continue to facilitate his/her career pathway as a clinician-scientist beyond the CSF award.

Applicants interested to pursue a research PhD with any other local academic institutions (NUS, NTU, SUTD, Duke-NUS, SIT) may contact the CSF Secretariat for further discussion on suitability of the scheme.

Students are expected to complete their PhD programme in 4 years. The PhD candidature is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years.

Students are required to serve a bond of up to 5 years with their respective NHG Host Institution upon completion of the Fellowship. Bond duration will be commensurate with amount of salary support provided by the Fellowship.

Please refer to NHG HR Policy (NHG-HR-H5 Training Bond & Minimum Service Period (MSP)) for guidelines.

The Call for Applications is open throughout the year. Please contact the CSF Secretariat to indicate your interest in applying for the CSF.

For more information and further enquiries, please contact the CSF Secretariat:

Ms Adeline Chan
Clinician Scientist Development Office
NHG Group Research and Innovation
Tel: (65) 6038 3631

Ms Nicole Yap
Clinician Scientist Development Office
NHG Group Research and Innovation
Tel: (65) 6038 3632