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HBRA – Human Tissue Framework Course

[Notice: Please access our course via this new eLEARN link]


 From 1 October 2020, all NHG-based MOHH staff who are participating in tissue banking activities are required to complete the HBRA – HTF Course prior to their involvement.

The HTF Course has been upgraded to include information from the Human Biomedical (Tissue Banking) Regulations 2019. You may access this enhanced version (V2) on eLEARN.

If you have already completed HTF Course V1, you will not be required to complete V2. You will be sent the summary of changes for the HTF Course. However, if you wish, you may attempt V2 and test your understanding of the regulations in the updated quiz.


New NHG Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA) – Human Tissue^ Framework Course for NHG Tissue Bank Custodians and Staff

^as defined in HBRA 2015, First Schedule

From 1 August 2019, all NHG Tissue Bank Custodians and Tissue Bank Team Members who are setting up, overseeing or managing a NHG Tissue Bank must complete the HBRA - Human Tissue Framework Course.

This course aims to equip all NHG Tissue Bank Custodians and Staff with knowledge on the local regulations and institutional policies to ensure proper management of the Human Tissue Bank.



WHO must complete this course?

The completion of this course will be mandatory for all Custodians and Tissue Bank Team Members in NHG. This also includes all NHG-based MOHH Residents/Doctors who have been delegated as Tissue Bank Custodians or Tissue Bank Team Members.

For MOHH staff who require access to the HBRA – HTF Course, please email your request using the Request for Access to HBRA HTF Course for NHG-based MOHH Residents / Doctors Template to and copy your RO / HOD in the email. 

Information for NHG-based MOHH staff:
Request For Access to HBRA HTF Course for NHG-based MOHH Staff Involved in Tissue Banking Activities Template




WHAT does it comprise?
This is an online self-reading course covering the following topics:
1.    HBRA Human Tissue Framework
2.    NHG Policy for Tissue Bank and Management of Human Tissue Specimens
3.    Human Tissue Framework - Informed Consent Requirements


At the end of the course, you will be required to take a graded assessment.



WHEN should this be completed by?
This minimum training should be completed before you submit your Tissue Bank application.



HOW to register?
Click HERE to get to eLEARN.


You may refer to the eLEARN LMS Navigation Guide (NHG Intranet access is required) for details.

For more information on this course, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (NHG Intranet access is required).



1. Human Biomedical Research Act 2015
2. Human Biomedical Research Act – Tissue Banking Regulations
3. NHG TCC Policy and Standard Operating Procedures



Contact Details

For more information or queries on the HBRA – Human Tissue Framework Course, please contact the NHG Group Research Course Administrator at