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Other Courses Prior to Conducting Research


Research Methodology Courses
(Principal Investigators, Researchers)


Research methodology defines what the research is about, how to proceed and measure progress, and what indicates success.


Learn how to design a research protocol and write a good research paper or grant proposal to increase your chances in research and grant application.

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Proper Conduct of Research (PCR) Courses
(Investigators, Research, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Assistants)


The Proper Conduct of Research (PCR) SOP are a set of guidelines developed by the NHG Group Research to provide detailed procedures on conducting research in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations. The entire series of PCR Courses comprises 4 main modules, with multiple topics covered under each module. There are no perquisites to be fulfilled for taking each PCR Modules.

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CITI Modules on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
(Principal Investigators, Researchers, Clinical Research Coordinator, Research Assistant/ Administrators)


CITI modules on RCR seek to educate researchers and research staff on the responsible conduct of research in fields such as Biomedical Sciences, Research Administration and Social, Behavioural & Education Sciences through thinking questions. Our researchers will be equipped with the knowledge of research best practices to guide them in making the right decisions for the integrity of their research, especially in instances that challenge individual values and integrity.


We encourage institutions to urge research staff to participate and learn about Responsible Conduct of Research through these online elective modules.

The CITI RCR programme is available online at


Last Update 13 July 2017