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NHG Investigator's Manual

For Investigators, Researchers & Study Administrators 


The latest Fourth Edition of the Investigator’s Manual amalgamates the regulatory requirements (especially the revised regulatory framework for clinical trials), ethical provisions and institutional policies governing research conduct. 


    NHG Investigator’s Manual - All that an Investigator Needs to Know, 4th Edition 



Summary of Updates to the NHG Investigator Manual


The summary of the recent updates to NHG Investigator Manual can be viewed here.
Summary of Changes to NHG Investigator Manual (Last updated: 21 Nov 2023) 



Alternatively, you may choose to download the individual Chapters of the above NHG Investigator’s Manual which are of interest.


    Cover & Foreword


    Content Page  


    Chapter 1 - Research Governance 


    Chapter 2 - Regulation Requirements 


    Chapter 3 - The Study Team 


    Chapter 4 - Submission to DSRB 


    Chapter 5 - Informed Consent 


    Chapter 6 - Vulnerable Population


    Chapter 7 - Study Conduct 


    Chapter 8 - Standing Database 


    Chapter 9 - Tissue Repository 







Last update: 21 Nov 2023