Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

About NHG Research

At NHG, we believe strongly in improving health and reducing illness through patient-centric quality healthcare, in an environment of continuous learning and "RELEVANT RESEARCH".
We define "Relevant Research" as:

a) Research that has impact on health outcomes
b) Research that enhances medical quality
c) Research that is aligned with the national biomedical research priorities
d) Clinical, laboratory, and population-based research that will enhance our understanding of important diseases and improve their treatment
e) Research that has "proximity" to patient care

These align to NHG's philosophy of "Putting Patients First". NHG Research focuses on the needs of patients, and strives to improve patient care through challenging the status-quo so as to provide better, faster, cheaper and safer care to our patients.

NHG’s primary research focus areas are aligned with the areas of its clinical strengths. These are Mental Health, Dermatology, Infectious Disease, Metabolic Disease, Health Services and Population Health Research, Geriatrics and Active Ageing, Rehabilitative Medicine and Immunological Diseases. Various research initiatives are executed to strengthen these areas of research foci and to strive towards excellence in research leading to better health and healthcare.

To support these initiatives, NHG and its institutions work with various partners locally and globally. We believe in collaborating and partnering with academic institutions and industries to develop the full spectrum of research and innovation collaborations. We work with academia and industries in translational research which aims for outcomes that can be implemented in real world clinical practice to better healthcare delivery. This is enabled by experts and new technologies across various domains which are empowered by the spirit of collaboration and partnership.

In addition, NHG develops the research manpower within the cluster by inculcating a research culture in the organization so that everyone can contribute to research in different ways and interweave research with clinical care.

In the process of conducting research, NHG also ensures that the safety and well-being of our research participants are well taken care of. Through the NHG human research protection program, we continue to ensure that highest quality and ethically sound research are conducted in our member institutions and participating institutions.