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Introduction to Minimum Training Requirements

With Singapore’s push to become a regional hub for biomedical research and the increasing number of clinical trials, there is a growing need to ensure that all key investigators, such as the Principal Investigators, Site Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and other staff who are involved in research activities have basic research ethics training. The intent of having minimum training requirements is for Principal Investigators and the research community to appreciate and apply the underlying ethical principles to their day-to-day research practice.

PART A – Minimum Training Requirements for Staff from NHG and Partner Institutions

There are 3 main types of training courses available:

  1. Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative’s (CITI Program) Investigator’s Course
  2. Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) Course (sub-component of the CITI Program)
  3. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Course (based on ICH GCP, Singapore regulations and local IRB requirements)

The minimum training requirements for staff from NHG and partner institutions differ according to their study roles. Table A below summarises the DSRB minimum training requirements.


^Study team members who are involved in the design, conduct or reporting of the research in institutions under the oversight of NHG DSRB are required to complete the Financial Conflicts of Interest FCOI course.

PART B – Minimum Training Requirements for Staff from SingHealth and Partner Institutions

The SingHealth CIRB minimum training requirements are slightly different from DSRB. The CIRB requirements will apply to staff from SingHealth and partner institutions who are involved in cross-cluster studies that are submitted to DSRB for review. Refer to the CIRB website for more details.

Table B below summarises the CIRB minimum training requirements.

^ If a staff from Singhealth or its partner institutions is involved in the design, conduct or reporting of a research that is conducted in NHG or its partner institutions, the minimum training requirements for FCOI applies to him/her and he/she is required to complete the FCOI Course.


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