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Research Methodology (RM) Courses

Research methodology defines what the research is about, how to proceed and measure progress, and what indicates success. 

Learn how to design a research protocol and write a good research paper or grant proposal to increase your chances in research and grant application.

 1. Research Preparatory and Study Design Seminar 


A good research protocol is vital for research and grant application success. Choosing the appropriate study design will further enhance the credibility and feasibility of a research protocol.

In this seminar, participants will gain a good understanding of how to design a good research protocol that is distinct from the rest. Participants will also learn about the various study designs and their application to different research studies.

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2. Biostatistics Workshop (Basic and Intermediate)


This workshop aims to equip Principal Investigators and research teams with the knowledge to perform statistical analysis. Participants can expect to gain an appreciation and understanding of bio-statistical ideas, particularly in the context of clinical trials and other aspects of clinical research.

Topics covered include summary statistics and hypothesis tests, with a heavy emphasis on learning how to carry out statistical analysis independently using SPSS. 

The workshop will include a combination of lectures and SPSS hands-on statistical tutorials. Participants can expect to be led through a series of guided exercises and to learn how to carry out and apply independent statistical analysis on their own.

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3. Manuscript Writing and Poster Presentation Seminar


A critical aspect of the scientific process is the reporting of new results in scientific journals in order to disseminate that information to the larger community of researchers. How can you order and organise the information you wish to present? How can you enhance the chance of your paper being published? Which journal should you submit your research paper? This seminar will take you through the stages of developing a research paper and discuss the common issues researchers face when writing a research paper. 

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4. Grant Writing and Management Seminar 


Want to apply for a grant but do not know how to start? This seminar will provide participants guidance in preparing a good grant proposal so as to improve the chances of grant application success! Speakers will be sharing on how to write to distinguish your grant proposals from the rest. 

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5. Introduction to Evidence in Healthcare: Quantitative, Qualitative and Synthesis Studies

Researchers and clinicians have different questions in relation to healthcare that can be addressed with a variety of study designs. Research studies are commonly divided into quantitative and qualitative, as well as primary and secondary studies. Primary studies can be collated and synthesized to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the data in relation to a certain research question or a topic. This introductory workshop will provide participants with a simple framework to differentiate most common study designs in healthcare research. It will also outline a set of criteria that can be used to select the most appropriate study design and critically appraise different types of studies.

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6. Questionnaire Design

Questionnaires are an essential tool employed in quantitative research. In order to get the most accurate and relevant data required, the design of the questionnaire has to be done well, tailored to the needs of the clinical research. This workshop provides an overview of questionnaire design tailored for clinical research studies. Participants will learn how to come up with the appropriate layout and questions for their questionnaires that will allow them to get the desired variables. With an increasing emphasis on population health studies, it is pertinent for research teams to design effective questionnaires that will reflect accurate responses and results of the respondents.

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7. Prognostic Modelling

What is a prognostic model? A prognostic model is also known as prognostic (or prediction) index or rule, risk (or clinical) prediction model, and predictive model. This course will allow you to have an understanding of what makes a good prognostic model. You will be learning about the design and statistical analysis of prognostic studies, the construction and estimation of prediction rules, the various approaches to validation, and the generalization of research results.

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Disclaimer: Course categories recommendation is meant to serve as a guide only; Participants are encouraged to select the courses based on their learning needs. All courses are available to the public. Please note that course details are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please check course registration page for more information.