Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care

Grant Overview

The NHG Group Research Office supports research in NHG by focusing on research manpower and capability development.
Research Manpower Development
NHG Group Research has developed a complete road map for the clinician-scientist research career development pathway. Tailored to each stage of a researcher’s journey of growth, the various schemes will develop them in research skills and knowledge, enabling them to compete successfully for grants and eventually establishing collaborations that will generate impactful health and economic outcomes. Please refer to the “Research Career Development” section for more details.
Research Capability Development
NHG Group Research has developed various grant programmes to further support the clinician-scientists in their research work and to develop NHG’s research foci areas. These grant programmes are competitive in nature and provide funding for research projects through 2 channels – NHG grants and Collaborative grants. Please refer to the relevant sections for more details.