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DSRB Announcements

DSRB Announcements for 2024

26 Mar 2024

DSRB-260324: Revised DSRB Review Fees for FY2024

DSRB Announcements for 2023

29 Dec 2023

DSRB-291222: Revised DSRB Review Fees, to reflect prevailing 9% GST rate in 2024

DSRB-291223: Adjustments to FCOI Declaration Cycle 2023-2025

27 Oct 2023

DSRB-271023: Re-Classification of Studies involving Anonymised Data and/or Human Biological Material as Review Not Required 

08 Mar 2023

DSRB-080323: Renewal Fee for Industry Sponsored Studies 


DSRB Announcements for 2022

30 Dec 2022

DSRB-301222: Revised DSRB Review Fees, to reflect prevailing 8% GST rate in 2023

05 Sep 2022

DSRB-050922: Enhancements to Studies under Data Analysis Stage 

DSRB-050922: ROAM Enhancement for Minimum Training Status 

07 Mar 2022

DSRB-070322: Revised DSRB Review Fees 

14 Feb 2022

DSRB-140222: Updated ICF and Assent Form Template Announcement 


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