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AAHRPP Re-Accreditation for NHG Human Research Protection Programme is Ongoing (Site Visit: 16-17 January 2020)

The NHG Office of Human Research Protection Programme (OHRPP) has prepared some materials to help our research community prepare for the AAHRPP site visit.


Who will be involved in the site visit?

  • All staff of NHG, NUHS and NUS who are involved in human subject research may be involved. This can include (but are not limited to): Organisational officials – CEO, Chairman Medical Board, Directors of Research, Institutional Representatives.
  • Clinical research unit / research office staff
  • DSRB chairpersons, members and administrators
  • Investigators, clinical research coordinators and all members of the study team

When will the site visit occur and how long will it be?

The site visit will occur from 16-17 January 2020. Two site visitors from AAHRPP will be coming down from the US to conduct record reviews and interviews.

If you have been selected for the AAHRPP site visit interview, OHRPP will contact you in Dec 2019. If necessary, a mock interview may be scheduled. The mock interview will help you prepare for the actual interview by the AAHRPP site visitors.


How can you prepare yourself for AAHRPP re-accreditation?

OHRPP has compiled the following reading materials to help researchers familiarise themselves with AAHRPP re-accreditation process and site visit details.
For an overview and list of FAQ of AAHRPP re-accreditation and the site visit, please click here
For more information on AAHRPP accreditation, please click here


Contacts for Enquiries

For General Enquiries
Ms Hu Liqin
Senior Executive
Research Quality Management

For Educational Materials related Enquiries
Ms Valerie Wee
Senior Executive
Research Education


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