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Congratulations to Dr Bryan Tan on Receiving the INEX-OSCAR Award 2022!

In August 2022, Dr Bryan Tan (Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery, Woodlands Health) received the INEX-OutStanding CS-in-TrAining Research (OSCAR) Award under the Clinical/Health Population Research Category from the College of Clinician Scientists, Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

This annual award is established to encourage budding clinician scientists undergoing research training in a formal programme with a local or overseas university, and comprise of 3 different categories - i) Basic/Translational Research; ii) Clinical/Health Population Research; and iii) DigitalHealth/Clinical Innovation. 

Following a gruelling two-stage review process of selecting the top abstracts and an oral presentation before a panel of judges, Dr Tan emerged as one of just three recipients of this prestigious award. He is currently pursuing a PhD with LKCMedicine and is supported by the NHG-LKCMedicine Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF) and National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Research Training Fellowship (RTF) for his studies.

For more information about the INEX-OSCAR award, please click here.