Translating Research into Highest Quality Patient Care


Welcome to the Resources page.

Research Online Guidebooks
The Guidebooks are a series of PDF documents which will guide researchers in using the Research Online submission. Researchers are encouraged to download and read the Guidebooks first before using the online system.

The Qualité (Quality in French) Newsletter will serve as a vehicle to communicate useful information and as an interactive platform for research professionals to share information, ideas and experiences, in our joint efforts to promote the highest standards of professionalism in research at NHG."

DSRB (Old) Forms
(For Paper-based DSRB approved Studies prior to 1 Feb 08 only)
For current ongoing Studies that have not yet been migrated into the B2BResearch Online portal, any additional submissions such as Amendments, UPIRTSO reports, Status Reports to the DSRB can continue to be in hardcopy. The various hardcopy forms may still be downloaded here.

Research SOPs (Intranet access only)
These are the Standard Operating Procedures that all NHG research-related activities must abide by.

These documents are strictly for internal circulation among National Healthcare Group Staff members and Authorized personnel only. You must be connected to the NHG Intranet before you can download these SOPs.