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On the evening of 24 April, senior management, researchers, innovators, and staff from NHG and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) gathered for a warm and cosy fireside chat and networking session with NHG Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) Prof Joe Sim. Jointly organised by KTPH’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU) and the Academy of Clinician Scientists and Innovators (ACSI), this hybrid event saw more than 200 attendees joining us physically and virtually over Zoom.

Clinical research is crucial for advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care, and enhancing treatment outcomes. As such, having a strong research culture is one of NHG’s four key strategic priorities. Participants had the opportunity to hear from Prof Joe Sim on his direction and plans for Research & Innovation in NHG, including talent development and training in this area.

Prof Sim highlighted some of the steps we can take towards growing our research culture and improving NHG’s research standing:
  • Fostering a research-friendly environment that is driven at the department level, across various clinical job families
  • Having a shared vision and improving research literacy across all the teams, both clinical and administrative, who support research work
  • Building a robust infrastructure to better support data accessibility and analytics
  • Participating in more grant calls and increasing our competitiveness in securing grant funding
  • Building a strong partnership with NTU and LKCMedicine through joint programmes and targets, and shared resources

Through these efforts, we can deepen our research culture and move together to push the boundaries towards achieving more impactful research and healthcare outcomes for NHG.