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On 12 October 2023, the NHG-LKCMedicine Academy of Clinician Scientists and Innovators brought together inspiring Clinician Scientists (CSs) and Innovators (CIs) to share about their 'Journey from Clinicians to Scientists and Innovators' at the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC) 2023. This track was led by A/Prof Sunny Wong and Asst Prof Yew Yik Weng and touched on topics such as tangible & intangible rewards in navigating through the research/innovation journey, how Innovation could help to translate research findings into healthcare improvements and translating research in population health. 

The welcome address was given by Prof Leo Yee-Sin (ACSI Co-President) where she introduced ACSI and the overall landscape of research and innovation in Singapore and within NHG and LKCMedicine. Prof Roger Foo from NUHS Clinician Scientist (CS) Academy then went on to share what it takes to be a Clinician Scientist and NUHS CS Academy’s best practices in providing support in talent development. 

Dr Bryan Tan, a CS from ACSI emphasized the impact of health services research. A/Prof Tey Hong Liang, Head of Research Division and Senior Consultant, National Skin Centre talked about sustainable healthcare through research-innovation-enterprise. Asst Prof Marie Loh from LKCMedicine, discussed on translating research in population health. The event concluded with a panel discussion featuring all the speakers.

The track had also provided a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate outstanding CSs & CIs with an award ceremony for NHG Research & Innovation Awards (NRIA) 2023.